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Uncommon Controversies: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

“Hey sexy what’s your name? Can I have your number? Let me take you out somewhere. Oh it’s like that? Forget you then!”

Ladies, we’ve all heard those lines in some form in our lifetime. As ridiculous as that already sounds, imagine it coming out of your own mouth as you see a good-looking guy strutting his stuff down the street. Hilarious right? Make no mistake, women aren’t the timid housewives of the fifties waiting for a man to ask our parents for permission to date anymore. We’re risk takers. Picking up the tab, mowing the lawn, I just calked my mom’s windows last month! We aren’t waiting for confirmation and we aren’t requiring any validation especially when it comes to passion. Continue reading “Uncommon Controversies: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!”

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Uncommon Controveries: “The Cute/Ugly Conundrum”

Behold! It’s Beauty, but where are the eyes?

I’m a Twenty-year-old girl with insecurities. Sometimes I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. Other times I’m running out of cloud space from taking too many selfies. My confidence is constantly fluctuating, but the girl that I am today is the most secure version of me there ever was. It doesn’t matter the race, it isn’t even confined to a single gender, self-confidence is one of the most sought after things for every human being. You all know just like I do that nothing affects your confidence like judgment.

One very uncommon controversy is the belief that life is made a bit easier when you’re easy on the eyes. “Pretty people” are thought to get away with a lot of things, they’re more likely to be popular. In some ways they are more likely to jump at opportunities because they tend not worry about things like disapproval, ridicule or failure. I wasn’t lucky enough to be voted one of the fairest and my experience as the “Ugly Girl” didn’t make me bitter, but I can tell you a thing or two about how you are looked at and treated and there’s nothing easy about any of it! Continue reading “Uncommon Controveries: “The Cute/Ugly Conundrum””