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#MyShortStoryChallenge : The Double Date

Oh My Beautiful Sinner!
Pillowtalking at dinner when your phone rings,
You pretend not to hear- she pretends not to care
You both know who’s calling.
You check your watch as the ticking clock tenses her up
The very clock thats reminds you that I get off at 8
You’ve got 30 seconds to explain yourself
You’ve got 30 minutes to pick me up. What do you do?
With a seamless lie and a kiss to her goodbye
You’re scott-free and off to see me.
A front row seat at this dinner for two
She’s reminiscing “Remember this…” you tell her you do
All night I watched you smile at her while checking your watch
You knew exactly where you wanted to be- you always have.
So now am I upset? Bitter? Do I wanna cry?
Why? Does crying change anything?
Not after you’ve watched your heartbreak live
I’m not sad. I’m not bitter. I’m not even surprised.
You see, this ain’t a get back story
More like a “How I got my sense back” story
Even dinner tables turn, and as I’ve recently learned
He’s not the least bit concerned if I hurt or not.
At home I hold up a dress from a date we never had
As I’m cutting off the tags I begin to laugh
It feels good to not give a damn
You’ve enjoyed your date and now mine is at the door.
And I won’t say one bad word on your name
Not one mention of your games or lies
I’ll just watch him smile and keep checking my watch
Because I know you’re getting off at 5….
Even dinner tables turn.

“Don’t we all write about love? When men do it, it’s a political comment. When women do it, it’s just a love story”

~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie




Just trying to show you what the inside of my head looks like.

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