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Just You and Me

It all happened so fast, he was there
right place perfect time
looking back on it now I’ve realized
from the moment he saw me, he’s been trying to make me smile.
Perfection is defined by imperfect words
so I’ll say that he’s different, but not bizarre
he wants to know about every piece, every little piece
of every part of the jigsaw that is me.
I don’t wear pain as if it’s a badge- not my style
but as he pieces together the puzzle, he knows that I’ve been hurt
He wants to overwhelm me with his love, but he deserves better
I’m a mess and the more he cleans the worse I feel.
I want to be someone else for him, someone clean
a pretty girl, one with a nice voice, one that’s always happy
How do I change without becoming a different person altogether?
Maybe my puzzle is too complicated.
Maybe he loves me too. Should I fight?
Fighting leads to drama- we don’t need anymore
But what do we need? More wants and needs? We need common ground
But how? Am I grounded enough to explain this without exploding?
Too late- Now here comes the explosion.
There’s pain and fear in the air now
He’s scared now.what have I done? Is he hurt?
He’s hanging! It’s all my fault and now I can’t reach him
I’m trying to grab him from the ledge but I can’t let go of my ears.
They won’t stop ringing- I hate overthinking…
Deep breath.
You see, this is all new to me- Really.
I’ve never been in love and someone was in love with me too
I never meant to blow it, I suck at this
But look! He’s okay.
Love Jones for the first time can be dangerous
You can starve without affection or be smothered in it
what matters is what’s left after the dust settles
and from the looks of things, all we’ve got is each other.
Maybe that was all we needed.
Just You and Me.



Just trying to show you what the inside of my head looks like.

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