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Uncommon Controveries: “The Cute/Ugly Conundrum”

Behold! It’s Beauty, but where are the eyes?

I’m a Twenty-year-old girl with insecurities. Sometimes I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. Other times I’m running out of cloud space from taking too many selfies. My confidence is constantly fluctuating, but the girl that I am today is the most secure version of me there ever was. It doesn’t matter the race, it isn’t even confined to a single gender, self-confidence is one of the most sought after things for every human being. You all know just like I do that nothing affects your confidence like judgment.

One very uncommon controversy is the belief that life is made a bit easier when you’re easy on the eyes. “Pretty people” are thought to get away with a lot of things, they’re more likely to be popular. In some ways they are more likely to jump at opportunities because they tend not worry about things like disapproval, ridicule or failure. I wasn’t lucky enough to be voted one of the fairest and my experience as the “Ugly Girl” didn’t make me bitter, but I can tell you a thing or two about how you are looked at and treated and there’s nothing easy about any of it!

 I call it “Facial Profiling”. Essentially it means to be judged or dealt with in a manner that is 100% dependent upon how you look. (i.e If you’re ugly, I don’t have to  be nice to you.)  I’ve had people completely ignore me and then give their undivided attention to my light skinned, long haired counterpart. I’ve had people tell other people not to talk to me because they thought I was ugly and it would make them seem less cool. The nerve of  some people, right? Be honest, how many times have you seen someone picked on for something like glasses or braces or having a serious interest in their school work? Let that person look like Kim Kardashian and now “Braces are a turn on” or “Glasses are chic” and ”Smart is the new Sexy” I wanted to hear what some of you had to say about it. This is actually a discussion that I’ve been dying to have….

Add your 2 cents! Comment. What’s your take?

No special purpose behind the photo, just thought it was beautiful.


Just trying to show you what the inside of my head looks like.

2 thoughts on “Uncommon Controveries: “The Cute/Ugly Conundrum”

  1. Loved your post. Self love is actually what I’m writing abut next week. I know the feeling of being pushed to the side for my light skinned friends. It happens all the time. I’m use to it. At first it use to bother me. Like my dark skin is not beautiful. I would hate my skin. I’m now 26 and I’m comfortable with my skin color. I’m comfortable with who I am. Like you said this is the most secure version of myself. My thoughts is I love me. If you can’t see the beauty that stands before you then keep on walking. Oh let’s not forget those guys that pass over you for the cute friend but when they get turned down by that said friend now you the cute one. Those guys really make me laugh. I was to cute for you before. Now I’m way to cute for you now lol. Lastly I don’t like anything those woman stand for. I do not even compare myself to them. I like the woman on social media who actually uplift other black woman like Michele Obama. Okay my rant is over now lol. Thanks for you post it was beautifully written💜💜

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